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Covid 19 Weddings - to be or not to be...postponed?

Updated: May 14, 2020

The virus’ global impact has been felt significantly in the wedding industry, as many couples make plans to postpone, hold smaller celebrations and otherwise navigate the current climate to keep their friends and family safe, and still celebrate their union.

With some of my couples postponing their March, almost all of April and a few of their May weddings, I am continually checking in on those who fall into that possible timeline. Couples who think they might be impacted, should prepare now and be proactive. You are not alone, there are couples everywhere having to reschedule such an important day. Stay organized and start inquiring!

Couples could consider alternate days, if the wedding was planned for a Saturday but now will be on a Friday or Sunday in a different season. You’re going to get married and no matter what day it falls on, your loved ones will be right there with you.”

Now is the time for some real imagination. Ask your wedding suppliers how best of accommodate some of these new alternative arrangements. Ask them to create a calendar and mark any bookings so they know what isn’t available. Your videographer could do a same-day teaser edit for couples to share with people who can’t make it or why not consider live streaming your ceremony so loved ones at home can still be involved. Don't be afraid to ask a 'now unavailable' supplier you previously booked to give you a recommendation. The goal is that no vendor loses work, and you don't lose a supplier.

This is the time to be as realistic and graceful as humanly possible. Right now, people will show up for you like no other. All suppliers are going to be willing to accommodate as best we can.

Gilded-lili are offering complimentary Change the date cards / Reschedule cards, Digital Messages / eCards, & Jpgs for those postponing their 2020 wedding due to the Covid 19 virus. On invitations still going out for June & July, we are recommending including a note indicating a future possible change of plan.

I've listed a few of my favourite and trusted suppliers I've worked with over the years here:




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