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Wedding Rings and Bling Things...

Updated: May 14, 2020

Lee Harding & Sé O'Donoghue the duo behind Da Capo Goldsmiths make beautiful bespoke jewellery, from period & traditional to wild avant garde pieces and everything in-between. They use old fashioned traditional hand techniques and high tech cutting edge technology in creating their dreamy one-of-a-kind jewellery. 'We love not knowing what style the next piece will depends entirely on our customer'. See their beautifully detailed wedding rings below all made in Ireland.

Embrace #12

18kt yellow gold, triangular dragon-cut paraiba tourmaline, pink sapphires, white diamonds.

This triangular dragon-cut paraiba tourmaline, is simply stunning and a very rare gemstone.

The two part ring (see below) arches over the finger, with a bowed wave of diamonds echoing the shape of the stone.

18kt yellow gold ring, tourmaline, pink sapphires & white diamonds.

2 rings make one spectacular piece

Embrace #1

18kt yellow gold ring, with concave cut citrine & rubies

On this ring, the metal is formed to make the stone setting and is wrapped around the finger.

The rubies trace a line along the curve to finish this contemporary piece.

18kt yellow gold ring, concave cut citrine & rubies.

Embrace #1

18kt yellow and white gold ring, clear topaz, pink sapphires, double ring.

This stark and stunning topaz deserved an inspired bold and pure design.

The pink sapphires wrap themselves around the centre ring and give glimpses

and flashes of warmth around the dominant clean white stone.

18kt yellow and white gold, concave cut clear topaz with pink sapphires.

18kt yellow and white gold ring, concave cut clear topaz, pink sapphires

Platinum Engagement Ring

Platnium engagement ring, diamond engagement ring

Mirror detail wedding bands

Dacapo's wedding bands are uniquely personal. This couples ring detail was inspired by their travels through Asia and the many elaborately decorated temples they visited.

Platinum Ring with Diamonds

Contact Lee or Sé

Tel: 01 6753867 | Email:

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